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Welcome to our Links Page

These web-pages will be helpful in growing your understanding of God's word and strengthening your faith in and obedience to Him.

Appalachian Bible College

Appalachian Bible College is Pastor Brian's and his wife's Kim Alma Mater, a school thoroughly devoted to training men and women for Biblical ministry.

Answers in Genesis

Answers in Genesis is a ministry dedicated to showing the truthfulness and accuracy of God's word, starting right in Genesis chapter 1. Their articles on creation research are sure to bolster your confidence in Scriptural Authority, even in the areas of History and Science.

Bible Related Ministries

Bible Related Ministries serves Churches in the Illinois area, providing assistance locating pastors, reconciliation ministries, and pulpit supply, as well as providing a host of other resources.

Concerned Christian Ministries

Rev. Robert Vanden Bosch lobbies the Illinois legislature for Christian & Biblical influence in our laws, and educated people on the laws being considered. As believers in a country that allows our participation in the laws that are passed, we have every responsibility to be aware of the laws that are being discussed and passed by our representatives. CCA Ministries is a vital source for that information.

Church And Family Life

The Church and Family Life ministry seeks to help both churches and families grow in the obedience to the will of God as revealed in the pages of the Bible. Believing firmly in the sufficiency of Scripture for all things which pertain to life and godliness, they seek to encourage churches and the families with in the churches to become more biblical in every area of life.

Family Man Ministries

Todd Wilson and his family have some wonderful resources for helping you build a stronger family.

Friends of Israel

The Friends of Israel is a ministry with a focus to show God's purpose for the Jewish People. It's scriptural teachings on God's Promises to Israel are of great value in instructing the Church, and its new reports on current events focus on how the Jewish people are affect by world events

IFCA Harvesters Blog

The IFCA Harvesters blog is a ministry of the IFCA International. The blog is an encouragement for Christians to be involved in the work of the Great Commission.