Something To Ponder...

The idea of believers living independently of the church is totally foreign to the New Testament.

- Dr. John MacArthur Your Local Church And Why It Matters

It seems to me that evangelism and materialism cannot co-exist. They are completely incompatible.

- Douglas Mclachlan Reclaiming Authentic Fundamentalism

No greater accolade can be given to leaders than the acknowledgement that they finished the work God gave them as a stewardship from and to Him.

- Dr. Dan Anderson Biblical Slave Leadership

What you fear is what you worship.

- Kevin Swanson The Tattooed Jesus

Our focus is never upon the quantity of the harvest, but rather on the fact that people desperately need to hear the gospel.

- Glenn Daman, The Voice Magazine March/April 2018 p. 15

Some spiritual threats necessitate that you bravely turn your tail and run!

- Pastor Brian Kelly

God has entrusted to fathers a most solemn charge, and yet a most precious privilege. It is not too much to say that in their hands are deposited the hope and blessing, or else the curse and plague, of the next generation.

- Arthur W. Pink

Visit many good books, but live in the Bible.

- Charles Spurgeon

Incongruous is the world's sense of values. It holds in esteem that which is earthly, paltry, and transitory; but it despises that which is spiritually and concurrently precious.

- Lehman Strauss The Godhead

As long as we live on this earth, the man of God can never stop running. If he stops fleeing evil it will catch him; and if he stops pursuing righteousness it will elude him.

- John MacArthur Preaching: How to Preach Biblically

Cross-focused discipleship is the natural outworking of genuine faith.

If I were to marry again, I would carve an obedient wife from a chunk of marble.

- Martin Luther

If you see a healthy marriage of fifty years, you know its gone through all sorts of tears, failures, and trials.

- Todd Wilson Family Is Hard: Deal With It