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Not Ashamed

Not Ashamed: A Study of the Book of Romans

If we want to clearly communicate the gospel, we must first clearly understand the Gospel. Over the next months, we undertake an in-depth study of this book of the New Testament, examining its clear presentation of what it means to be saved through faith in Jesus Christ.

Introduction to Romans

Introduction Material

Reading Through Romans

Reading throught the book of Romans

Eager to Preach Christ

Romans 1:1-17

Revealing God's Wrath - Parts 1- 2

Romans 1:18-31

God's Impartial Judgment

Romans 2:12-16

No Excuse for Ritual

Romans 2:17-29

Man's Sinfulness, God's Righteousness

Romans 3:1-8

The Final Verdict: All Are Sinners

Romans 3:9-21

The Gospel and the Righteousness of God

Romans 3:21-25a

A Righteousness Received By Faith

Romans 3:25

The Just Justifier

Romans 3:25-26

Abraham's Example of Faith

Romans 4:1-12

Faith of Abrahm

Romans 4:13-25

Righteousness By Faith And THe Love of God

Romans 5:1-2

The Perseverance Producing Love of God

Romans 5:3-8

So Great A Salvation

Romans 5:9-11

A Tale of Two Kingdoms

Romans 5:12-17

The Super-Abounding Victory of the Kingdom of Life

Romans 5:18-21

Dead To Sin

Romans 6:1-7

Alive In Christ

Romans 6:5-11

The End of Sin's Reign

Romans 6:12-14

Slaves of Righteousness

Romans 6:15-18

The Gift of Righteousness

Romans 6:19-23

Dead To The Law

Romans 7:1-6

The Weakness Of The Law

Romans 7:7-13

The War Within

Romans 7:14-23

No Condemnation

Romans 8:1-11

Life By The Spirit

Romans 8:12-13

Sons By The Spirit - Part I

Romans 8:14-17

Sons By The Spirit - Part II

Romans 8:14-17

Hopeful Suffering

Romans 8:18-25

Powerfully Supported

Romans 8:26-27

Unchangeably Chosen

Romans 8:28

Unalterably Purposed

Romans 8:29-30

Unassailably Favored

Romans 8:31-34

Unconditionally Loved

Romans 8:35-39

A Heart For People

Romans 9:1-5

God's Sovereign Mercy

Romans 9:6-13

Defending God's Sovereign Mercy

Romans 9:14-18

Vessels of Wrath, Vessels of Mercy

Romans 9:18-22

A Remnant of Beloved People

Romans 9:23-29

Stumbling Over the Offensive Gift

Romans 9:27-10:4

The Confident Call of Faith

Romans 10:5-11

God's Method: Proclaiming the Word

Romans 10:11-17

A Remnant of Grace

Romans 10:19-11:6

Prokoking Jealousy

Romans 11:7-15

Humble Branches Grown By Grace

Romans 11:16-23

The Vast, Deep, Unsearchable Grace of God

Romans 11:24-36

Acceptable Worship

Romans 12:1

Non-Conforming Worship

Romans 12:2

Gifted By Grace

Romans 12:3-5

Gifted For Service

Romans 12:6-8

The Life of A Living Sacrifice, Parts 1, 2, 3

Romans 12:9-21

Called to Submission

Romans 13:1

God's Purposes For Government

Romans 13:2-7

Indebted to Love

Romans 13:8-10

Watchful and Ready

Romans 13:11-14

Of Food and Fellowship - 7 Principles of Christian Liberty

Romans 14:1-9

Of Food and Fellowship - 7 Principles of Christian Liberty - Part 2

Romans 14:10-23

Glorious Unity

Romans 15:1-7

The Glorious Mystery - Jew and Gentile in One Body

Romans 15:8-12

A Final Prayer

Romans 15:13-14

Confidently Called

Romans 15:15-19

A Vision for the Goal

Romans 15:20-33

Recommendations And Greetings

Romans 16:1-16

Guarding the Gospel

Romans 16:17-19

Farewells And Blessings

Romans 16:20-27