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Descended From Kings

A Study of the Gospel of Matthew

Who is Jesus? Was he just another Jewish Rabbi? A teacher of good morals? His disciples were convinced that there was much, much more to this man. Four of his disciples wrote accounts of is life, and we have those books in the four Gospels in the New Testament. While all point to Jesus and the necessity of believing in Him, each also focuses on a different aspect of His person. Matthew writes to us as Jewish man who had found in Jesus the fulfillment of all that God had promised in the Old Testament, and his gospel bears the marks of a man convinced that Jesus is the Messiah, the Savior of the world, and One who would rule all nations and bring in the age of peace. Far from being just a no account carpenter, Jesus of Nazareth is Descended from Kings.

Introduction to Matthew


Descended From Kings

Matthew 1:1-17

An Unkingly Birth

Matthew 1:16,18-25

Kingly Gifts

Matthew 2:1-12

Gifts And Rejections

Matthew 2:1-23

The Obedience of Joseph

Matthew 2:13-23

The Preparations for Repentance

Matthew 3:1-12

The Batism of Jesus

Matthew 3:11-17

The Temptation of Jesus Part 1, 2 & 3

Matthew 4:1-11

The Call Of The Kingdom


The Character of Kingdom Citizens - Pt. 1 & 2

Matthew 5:1-9

The Hated Kingdom Citizens

Matthew 5:10-12

The Preserving People of God

Matthew 5:13-16

Fullfilling the Law

Matthew 5:17-20

Anger And Restoration: Kingdom Citizens Restore Broken Relationships Pts 1 & 2

Matthew 5:21-26

Protecting the Kingdom Family Pt. 1 & 2 - Guarding the Heart

Matthew 5:27-30

Oaths: Kingdom Citizens Mean What They Say

Matthew 5:33-37

Kingdom Citizens Retaliate With Love

Matthew 5:38-48

Kingdom Citizens Give Without Hypocrisy

Matthew 6:1-4

Kingdom Citizens Pray Without Hypocrisy Parts 1 & 2

Matthew 6:5-15

Kingdom Citizens Live With A Worship Focus

Matthew 6:16-18

Kingdom Citizens Value Kingdom Currency

Matthew 6:19-24

Kingdom Citizens Live Without Worry

Matthew 6:25-34

Kingdom Citizens Examine Themselves Strictly

Matthew 7:1-6

Kingdom Citizens:Cared For By Their Father-King

Matthew 7:7-11

The Golden Rule of the Kingdom

Matthew 7:12

Narrow Gates and Fruitless Trees

Matthew 7:13-20

Kingdom Citizens Build Their Lives Upon The Words of the King

Matthew 7:21-29

A Centurion, A Mother-in-Law, and Kingly Healing: Jesus' Authority Over Sickness

Matthew 8:1-17

Challenging the Motivation to Follow

Matthew 8:18-22

Stilled Waves & Silent Wind: Jesus' Authority Over Creation

Matthew 8:23-27

A Single Kingly Word: Jesus' Authority Over Demons

Matthew 8:28-34

A Paralytic Proves The Point

Matthew 9:1-8

An Unkingly Entourage: The Call of Matthew

Matthew 9:9-12

Celebrating the King's Presence

Matthew 9:14-17

A Faith To Raise The Dead

Matthew 9:18-26

The Beginning of Rejection

Matthew 9:27-34

The Lord of the Harvest

Matthew 9:35-38

Men To Match The Mission - Part 1

Matthew 10:1-4

Men To Match The Mission - Part 2

Matthew 10:1-4

Kingly Mission: Mission Objectives

Matthew 10:5-15

Kingly Mission: Expect Resistance

Matthew 10:16-25

Kingly Mission: Fear Not

Matthew 10:26-33

Mission Requirement: Radical Commitment

Matthew 10:34-42

Questioning Faith

Matthew 11:1-15

The Lord of the Sabbath

Matthew 12:1-14

Rejected By Men, Chosen By God

Matthew 12:15-21

The Signs of the Spirit

Matthew 12:22-37

The Final Sign

Matthew 12:38-42

Of Demons and Family

Matthew 12:43-50

The Beginning of Parables: 4 Soils

Matthew 13:1-9; 18-23

The Hearing Deaf & The Seeing Blind

Matthew 13:1-16

A Bountiful Harvest From A Weed-Infested Garden

Matthew 13:24-30; 36-43

Condiments & The Conquering Kingdom

Matthew 13:31-35

The Hidden Treasure of the Kingdom - Part 1

Matthew 13:44

The Hidden Treasure of the Kingdom - Part 2

Matthew 13:44-52

Homegrown Rejection

Matthew 13:53-58

Silencing The Voice In The Wilderness

Matthew 14:1-13

A Kingdom of Abundance

Matthew 14:13-21

Of Ghosts & The Son of God

Matthew 14:22-36

Forms Or Faith?

Matthew 15:1-9

The Problem of the Heart Is The Heart of the Problem

Matthew 15:10-20

Mercy Is For The Dogs

Matthew 15:21-31

Food For The Children

Matthew 15:32-29

The Demands of Doubt

Matthew 16:1-12

The Most Important Question Ever Asked

Matthew 16:13-18

Upon This Rock

Matthew 16:18-20

The Demands of the Cross

Matthew 16:21-28

Visions of Granduer

Matthew Matthew 17:1-8

The Elijah Mystery

Matthew 17:9-13

Converging on the Cross


The Submissive Sons of the Kingdom

Matthew 17:24-27

The Great and Protected Children of the Kingdom

Matthew 18:1-14

The Process of Reconciliation

Matthew 18:15-20

The Danger of Unforgiveness

Matthew 18:21-35

Preserving the Kingdom Family

Matthew 19:1-12

The Welcome Children & The Rejecting Rich

Matthew 19:13-22

Leaving It All

Matthew 19:23-20

The Equal Access Kingdom

Matthew 20:1-16

The Looming Cross & The Scheming Disciples

Matthew 20:17-24

Leading From Below

Matthew 20:25-28

A Faith To See

Matthew 20:29-34

An Entrance Fit For A King

Matthew 21:1-10

Worship Fit For A King

Matthew 21:11-17

Of Fruit Tress, Faithfulness, and Faith Lessons

Matthew 21:17-22

Between A Rock And A Hard Place

Matthew 21:23-27

Things Are Not Always As They Appear

Matthew 21:28-32

Eviction Notice

Matthew 21:33-46

An Unusual Wedding Invitation

Matthew 22:1-14

Tricky Taxes

Matthew 22:15-22

Hypothetically Speaking

Matthew 22:23-33

The Greatest Commandment - Part 1 & 2

Matthew 22:34-40

Who Did You Say You Are?

Matthew 22:41-46

Submit to Authority And Others

Matthew 23:1-12

Woe to the 7th Power - Parts 1 & 2

Matthew 23:13-39

Signs and Portents

Matthew 24:1-21

Signs and Portents - Part 2

Matthew 24:22-41

Signs and Portents - Part 3

Matthew 24:42-51

Kingdom Citizens: Prepared to Wait

Matthew 25:1-13

Kingdom Citizens: Faithful To Their Charge

Matthew 25:14-40

Kingdom Citizens: Seperated By Character

Matthew 25:41-46

A Plot To Kill & A Plan To Remember Parts 1 & 2

Matthew 26:1-16

Mercy Presented, Mercy Rejected

Matthew 26:17-25

The New Covenant

Matthew 26:26-30

Peter's Self Assurance

Matthew 26:30-35

Jesus' Selfless Prayer

Matthew 26:36-46

Betrayed, Arrested, Abandoned

Matthew 26:47-56

Condemned by the Truth

Matthew 26:57-68

Thrice Denied, Thrice Confirmed

Matthew 26:69-75

No Answer Given, No Mercy Sought

Matthew 27:1-14


Matthew 27:15-26


Matthew 27:27-44


Matthew 27:45-56

Buried & Guarded

Matthew 27:57-66


Matthew 28:1-20