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The Bible

The Bible truly is the most important book ever written, because it shows how we can have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. It also shows us how He wants us to live our lives while here on this earth. This article will explain why we see the Bible as so important.


This article describes our philosophy of welcoming children in the worship service, rather than having a Jr. Church. It provides a biblical basis for the practice, and seeks to answer some questions that might arise.

Worried about trying to keep your spirited children in the worship service with a bunch of adults? This article provides some helpful, practicle advice for teaching your kids how to sit through and engage in the corporate worship service.

This article on child-rearing was written by John Angell James, a 19th Century English pastor. It has some very helpful insights into problems which stear children away from the faith. Though it was written almost 200 years ago, its principles still remain thought provoking and powerful. A good read for parents who want to fulfill their God-given responsibility to raise their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

Spiritual Life

Gleaning spiritual life illustrations from the garden. This series of articles uses the garden as an illustration of spiritual truths found in the Bible.

For Men

We want to help our men focus on what being a man is all about: using the strength and skill God has given you to shape the lives of other people. Our Iron Works page is dedicated to issues of biblical manhood and has articles from the men in our church. Check it out.